Social Media Marketing Simplified: The What, Why and How

Love it or hate it, but nobody can afford to ignore marketing on social media. Be it conglomerates, small start-ups, or medium enterprises; social media marketing is a great way to grow your business and reach out to your probable clientele in the easiest possible way. 

Social media marketing

As evident from its name, social media marketing is simply promoting your product or brand on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Watsapp, LinkedIn, Snapchat among a list of growing sites. Multinational social media analytical company Talkwalker in 2019 showed that 70% of India’s 1.36 billion people are active social media users. That’s a huge market waiting to be tapped!  


    With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, work-from-home, and shop-from-home environs, social media usage has shot up. In a number of cases, social media sites turned out to be a lifesaver for a number of businesses to stay afloat during the lockdown. Even the corner kirana store and the vegetable vendor were forced to use platforms such as Watsapp to keep the cash registers ringing. 

    There are some sectors where social media platforms have turned out to be a lot reliable than e-commerce or registered sites. Take, for instance, leads for second-hand sales or house helps are far more reliable and have a thicker network on Facebook. Social media marketing has now become the order of the day and one has to ride the social media wave to stay afloat.

share video content online

In fact, Octane Research and DMAasia surveyed 250 plus Chief Marketing Officers of India last year. The results, although not surprising, is worth taking a look at. Around 65% of CMOs said that the expenditure on video marketing fetched the highest return on investment for them during the lockdown. The report further went on to say that video was the most stimulating type of content for the consumer, offering maximum engagement

    Taking cues from this report, it would be worth investing in your video content to make sure it attracts enough clicks and gets shared on social media.


    Being present on social media will obviously drive traffic to your website and lead to hits. But that’s not the only purpose to be there.

   Customers are now closer than ever to their brands and products and can connect with just a click of a button. This can be leveraged to gain insights from your customers on their opinion about your products. Be it customer queries, requests, or troubleshooting advice, or simply feedback; social media ensures the fastest possible reach and communication simply because of the level of transparency. This acts as a great tool to build trust among your loyal fan base.

benefits of using social media

    A study by SproutSocial also reaffirms this view. The study showed 78% of consumers want brands to help people connect through social media. In fact, 76% of respondents were more likely to buy from a brand they felt connected to on social media than a competitor.

    That is definitely some food for thought if you ever doubted the benefits of social media to expand or advertise your business


    Customer is king no doubt, but it’s time to make him or her or feel like one. Your content and branding strategy will come from your clients’ needs, fears, inhibitions, and dreams. Understanding them inside out will go a long way in designing content, products as well as marketing campaigns. This can be simply done by surveying your probable customers or getting reviews from existing ones. 

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    Once customer personas have been thoroughly researched, pick your target audience. This will in turn, help you in picking the ideal social media platform: Depending on the target, you can then pick the platform you would like to push your content on. For instance, CV writing services are prevalent a lot more on LinkedIn than on other sites. While athleisure wear products will find a great market on Instagram and Facebook.


    Ultimately, your customer type will drive the type of content that you would like to put up on social media. If your probable customers are young, college-goers, then fun and entertaining content are likely to strike a chord with them. Make sure to put a lot of thought behind the content as ultimately that is your currency. 

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    It is important to ask yourself what is the type of content that they would empathise with. The frequency of posts is also crucial as too many posts could lead to repetition and too few may not lead to registering the brand. Post content only if you have something relevant to say or your content could get lost amid the myriad posts.

    You can make your content interesting by making it interactive. Plan a schedule around your posts. Conducting quizzes, live interactive sessions, interviews with personalities who could add value, or simply reposting relevant information are some of the ways to keep relevant content flowing. This solely can give you a competitive advantage.


    If you are just setting up shop on social media, then it could be important to include a few details that can ensure more engagement. Make sure to use reader-friendly text and font when you describe your company and business profile page. Put a relevant picture or an image that goes with the brand and the tone of your brand. The important links of your company should also be easily visible in case a visitor on your page wants to transact. Lastly, the description of your company should be something catchy and unusual which could make the customer linger around longer and check out your catalogue.

expand business internationally

    If you intend to expand your business internationally, a few more things have to be kept in mind. To start with, you may have to repackage your products or brand according to the needs of each culture. The best example is the Aloo McTikki – Mc Donald’s product prepared solely for the Indian palette. The popularity of each social media platform may vary from geography to geography, which should be looked at when going international. It is imperative to know the target client-base in an international setting as your content should align with their sensibilities and not hurt them.


    If all this sounds too complicated to get done on your own, you can simply take the easy way out and hire a social media manager

    If you wondered what a social media manager does all day, it’s a job like any other but with the perks of following the chatter on social media. A social media manager is responsible for content on all the social media accounts of the business and pushes the company brand through these platforms. They are also responsible for the brand strategy of the company. 

    Learning social media skills is not rocket science for sure. Anyone who uses a social media account can get started. However, additional skills with respect to content writing, communication, or marketing can give you a head-start.

How has your experience been with social media? Do let us know in the comments below.

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